Project Pipeline
The project is organised into 7 interconnected work packages (WP), based on the expertise of the consortium. Each WP has set objectives with milestones and deliverables to be produced at the end of their activities.
Work Package 1: HTL-Oil Production
Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) oil production, i.e. making and processing the black liquor from pulp mills.
Work Package 2: Salt Recovery & Side Stream Valorisation
Establishing data on pure salt and salt mixtures, integrating selected salt extraction to the HTL unit, investigating different gas treatment alternatives and extracting minerals and salts from the black liquor to further refine it.
Work Package 3: Upgrading & Application Testing
Upgrading the biofuel to be suitable to use as fuel for aviation and shipping and testing the fuel components and catalysts.
Work Package 4: Techno-Economic Assessment
Performing a techno-economic assessment and evaluating process performance, energy efficiency and operational limits of the overall integrated process.
Work Package 5: Sustainability Assessment
Validating the technological, economic and environmental evaluation of the entire BL2F supply chain and demonstrating the social impact of introducing biofuel as a viable alternative to fossil fuel in aviation and shipping.
Work Package 6: Market Potential & Exploitation
Maximising the impact of the project through exploitation, innovation and IP management.
Work Package 7: Dissemination & Communication
Communicating and disseminating the activities and results generated in BL2F to target audiences and stakeholders.
Work Package 8: Management
Establishing the governance, administration and management of the project.
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