Solve the BL2F puzzle with our online campaign!

How do we turn PULP into fuel?

The journey from wood to pulp to Black Liquor to biofuel is a multi-step process, involving both industrial and scientific activities. So, we have decided to break down the steps and materials in the BL2F process so that everyone can have an idea of how we turn wood from a tree into a fuel that will be used in ships and planes!

FIGURE 1 Concept -ai

Solving the puzzle…

During the BL2F process there are a lot of steps and materials that need to be in order to make the whole chain work. Like a puzzle, the big picture makes sense once we have all of the pieces. So let’s solve the BL2F puzzle and see the whole circular chain that will transform Black Liquor to biofuel!

Infographic project puzzle

The campaign

The BL2F project is launching a communication campaign focused on informing and educating the public on the steps, materials and processes (or “puzzle pieces”) that are crucial to creating a high-quality biofuel using Black Liquor.

As part of this campaign, a new visual will be published and promoted weekly via the BL2F website, the Twitter and LinkedIn account. Follow the accounts to keep up to date and solve the BL2F puzzle!

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