BL2F at the PYROLIQ II conference

BL2F presented at PYROLIQ II, a conference on pyrolysis and liquefaction of biomass and wastes.

BL2F is happy to announce that an abstract submitted by Maximilian Wörner, Dr. Ursel Hornung, and Prof. Dr. Nicolaus Dahmen from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) was presented at the PYROLIQ II conference. The conference, held May 7-12, 2023 in Schloss Hernstein, Austria, focused on advancing biomass and waste pyrolysis and liquefaction technologies.

The PYROLIQ II conference brought together scientists, researchers, students, and industry professionals to exchange ideas on fundamentals, process development, and integration, feedstock and product characterization, and the development of added-value products and market studies. Special attention was given to waste from fossil origin such as plastics. The conference also offered a platform for discussions on commercially successful processes. Attendees benefited from the friendly face-to-face discussions with peers that could catalyze the growth of the industry.

The BL2F presentation focused on the comparison of reaction pathways of monomers and oligomers during hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) of lignin, a natural biopolymer built up from aromatic structures. BL2F also had a poster available for the attendees to showcase the EU Horizon 2020 project.

Maximilian Wörner at the PYROLIQ II conference.
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