Partners meet in Villigen, Switzerland for the BL2F General Assembly

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The BL2F project partners met for their second in-person General Assembly 29-30 March, this time at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen, Switzerland. Partners discoverd the PSI campus, its numerous facilities, and the nearby village of Brugg.

Partners arrived the day before the meeting and gathered for dinner, the occasion for some partners to meet for the first time.

The first full day began on the PSI campus with coffee, croissants, and discussions on the project timeline and status. Work package presentations followed soon after, with time reserved for questions and additional discussion.

After lunch, the group took a tour of the PSI facilities. The first part of the tour was a visit of the Energy System Integration platform, on which the SunCHem project setup is hosted. This project aims to produce biofuels and capture carbon dioxide using an algae-based process.

Partners tour the Energy System Integration platform

The next part of the tour consisted of a visit of the salt separation test rig used in WP2 and the catalytic hydrodeoxygenation test rig used in WP3.

Partners discover the technology used in WP2 and WP3

The tour ended with a visit of the HydroPilot plant for catalytic hydrothermal gasification of wet biomass, where partners discovered the different parts of the plant.

Partners discover the technology used in WP2 and WP3

The second day began again with coffee followed by additional work package presentations, discussions, workshops and work package meetings.

Partners enjoyed meeting together once again and look forward to the next project meeting, and in the meantime will “Keep up the good work”!

Group photo of the BL2F partners at PSI

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