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From the 3-5 October 2022, the BL2F partners had the happy occasion to gather together for the first face-to-face meeting since the project began. The participants had a tour of different sites in Finland including Tampere, Espoo and the countryside.

The first night began with a meeting to introduce the attendees to each other, followed by a working dinner featuring further introductions and project discussions.


The partners at dinner on the first evening

The first full day began on Tampere University campus with discussions on the project timeline and status with a beautiful view of the autumn trees. Some people were not able to join but actively participated online. Attendees on-site were shown the BL2F reactor which was great to be able to see outside the virtual space.

The partners split up to discuss different themes related to the work packages and shoot some video footage. After a transfer to Valmet, the partners visited the facilities at and featured more presentations on the work packages.

The evening concluded with a visit to a traditional Finnish sauna at the edge of a (very cold) lake which provided a relaxed atmosphere to continue the discussions in a less formal setting.


The partners walking under the trees at Tampere University

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A very cold lake in the Finnish countryside


The reactor in its housing in Tampere University

The next morning started bright and early with a transfer to the VTT location at Espoo, with lots of coffee! The partners visited the facilities there and then held a management board meeting at while others visited the labs.

Both attendees on-site and online can agree that this was a fruitful couple of days which allowed the partners to know each other better, have interesting discussions with planned follow-ups and will motivate them to “Keep up the good work”!


TAU partners visiting the VTT facilities


BUL partners visiting the VTT facilities

Group photo of the BL2F partners in Tampere University

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